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Selling Your Home for the Highest Possible Price

Preparing, Pricing, & Marketing Your Home for the Highest Possible Price

Today’s real estate market is fraught with excitement. Homeowners wonder, “What is my home worth?” Looking online will only provide generalized information, but won’t provide specifics backed by local knowledge or an accurate, timely interpretation of the market data.

David Weil and his team extend far beyond what a conventional real estate agent offers, committing themselves entirely to their client’s success. David’s market knowledge breadth and home pricing expertise, combined with his proprietary data analysis tools and innovative marketing and selling strategies, yield his clients the highest possible selling price.

Pricing for the Highest Possible Price

David has developed and refined his successful pricing strategy over the last decade and a half. The difficulty of pricing a home is compounded by the in-flux nature of many of the various factors.

David’s proprietary pricing strategy consists of the following price-determining components: Property Metrics, Location, Current Property Condition, Property Improvements, Comparable Properties, Local Market Dynamics, and Proprietary Analytics. These contributing factors aid David and his team in both determining your home’s market value and in target marketing your home. In concert with your goals and timelines, David will recommend the best pricing strategy for your property to achieve the highest price possible.

3 Top Pricing Strategies: Click here for graph and explanation of Under-Market, Accurate and Preferred pricing strategies


Preparing Your Home for the Highest Possible Price – Concierge 5-Star Services

David’s initial top priorities lie with understanding client goals, objectives, and timelines. Early client meetings involve a comprehensive discussion around these fronts, as well as a walk-through. He then reviews comprehensively with his clients how home value is created, specific to the features of the property. He identifies potential areas of improvement and makes ROI-accretive recommendations. Armed with this information, David designs a custom pricing strategy to create a greater financial return and ultimately the highest possible selling price!

Having identified areas of potential home improvement that will yield the greatest financial return, David and his team will:

  1. Meet with multiple vendors to get competitive bids
  2. Review these quotes with his clients to determine the cost vs. return benefit
  3. Manage the vendors, communicate timelines, and own deliverables
  4. Adhere to the client-approved budgets and timelines

I strongy believe in creating value for my clients and to demonstrate this, I am offering $2,500 towards property preparation and staging fees with a signed listing agreement.  This offer is valid until August 31, 2017.

Please contact me to learn how to potentially increase the value of your home.